Monday, 27 February 2017

Shock At Corbyn's Oscars Gaff

The world of entertainment was reeling yesterday as Jeremy Corbyn accidentally handed the Most Credible Political Party Oscar to the SNP by mistake.

 The Academy audience of stars and celebrities had already begun to heartily applaud before the gaff was noticed and the red faced joke Labour leader hastily corrected his error. 

"I want to congratulate our SNP," he said, little realising that he was supposed to big up his own party who are currently running a feeble third to the SNP's widespread popularity.

The gaff followed close on the heels of London Mayor Sadiq Khan's controversial speech accusing nationalists of discriminating against Scots. "I'm not saying the SNP are racists," Khan hastily added in a feeble attempt to staunch the media onslaught. "It's just that they clearly are and everyone knows it."

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