Friday, 8 July 2016

Guest Post: Tony Blair

Look, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet. Although, let’s face it, I was without a doubt the most successful Prime Minister Britain ever had. I won three successive elections, almost singlehandedly. During my time as the greatest Labour leader I reformed my party beyond recognition. And as the cleverest, most dynamic Prime Minister ever I reformed the United Kingdom beyond recognition. But I’d never boast about any of that because that’s the kind of guy I am.

Look, I’m always asked how I did it. ‘How did you singlehandedly reform the Western World beyond recognition, Tony?’ people always ask. And it’s not an easy question to answer. Hell, it wasn’t easy to do. There are always plenty of reasons not to do things.  ‘Don’t invade Iraq, Tony’ practically everyone said. ‘It’ll be a complete catastrophe.’ But you can’t listen to the naysayers. In this job, you have to trust your instincts. You have to do what you know is right, even when you know it’s probably wrong. And where are all those naysayers now?

Look, I took a lot of stick for going into Iraq. That Chilcot’s a pretty decent bloke, and that Inquiry he did was a pretty good effort. I’d have struggled to do a better job myself. But he wasn’t there. He wasn’t sitting where I was sitting. It’s hard to do the right thing even when everyone else knows it's wrong, let me tell you. Sure, I made mistakes. If anyone can name one I'll be the first to be sorry for it.  But nobody ever got it right without being wrong.  

Look, I didn’t have to tell parliament about the WMD, but I did because it was the right thing to do, and that’s the kind of guy I am.  Sure, I probably should have listened to all the experts who said there weren't any, but hindsight is twenty twenty.  I knew they were there, and I had to make that decision. Being the boss isn't easy, you know. It's a burden I bore with pride, the pride of being the greatest leader the world has ever seen. But no one should think it's easy, 'cos let me tell you it ain't.

Look, the trouble is, it doesn’t matter how bloody great you are, you’ll always be judged on your mistakes. That’s the truth. Even if you don’t make any. 

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