Wednesday, 9 December 2015

After McGonogall: The Forth Road Bridge Disaster

Twas in the year of two thousand and fifteen
Came about an event never foreseen*
The pride of engineering that spanned the Forth
(I'm not referring to the one built a century earlier for trains, of courth)
Came under the eye of a structural engineer
Who spotted a crack, and murmured "What have we here?"

Alas! To the not inconsiderable inconvenience of all in Fife
This spelt disaster - worse than loss of life

For this well beloved thoroughfare must needs be closed down
And all those hapless commuters find some other way to Edinburgh town.
In the corridors of Holyrood much wailing could be heard
For Kez, and Ruth and Willie thought this circumstance absurd
"We must have an enquiry!" their cries caused such a din
And the honest folk phoned Kaye Adams to voice their chagrin
But luckily for them old Eck had seen this from afar
And commissioned a second Forth Road Bridge for folks to drive their car
So the moral of the story is simple but no less true
Don't stick your bridge together with dodgy superglue.

Parts of the Forth Road Bridge have been missing for years.
*Turns out it was foreseen but largely ignored by Scottish Labour.

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