Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Carmichael, the Pride of The Liberal Democrats

LibDem's sole Scottish MP Alistair Campbell banged to rights
Poor Alistair. 

It's come to something when a politician - a cabinet minister, no less - can't lie through his teeth to smear the opposition without getting his degrading comeuppance in the Court of Session.

What's the matter with these witch-hunting closet nationalists posing as constituents? Don't they know that politics is the Lying Game? It goes with the territory. You only have to look at Tony Blair and Nick Clegg to see how far it can advance a political career. No, Michael White and Sir Malcolm Bruce got it dead right: it's sheer vindictive lunacy to get all prissy about their MP's lack of moral fibre at this late stage of the game. 

And didn't he do the Right Thing, owning up once the election was over? Didn't he forfeit a hefty severance package in lieu of resignation? What more did these people want, blood? There's just no satisfying some people.

It's got to be an evil nat plot. 'A show trial' Tavish called it, and my God he's right.

But that's the nats for you. They come down to Westminster, all priggish and superior, with their principles and work ethic. Upsetting the cosy camaraderie and time honoured traditions, clapping instead of grunting, keeping their election promises. They let the side down. Politics isn't meant to be like that. A cabinet minister should be excused for inventing a leaked memo if it prevented even one of those filthy interlopers from winning a seat. Not just excused, hell he should be showered with honours and elevated to the Peerage. Such a selfless act of unswerving dastardliness is rarely seen in peacetime. 

But is the nation grateful? Sadly, no. 

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