Sunday, 22 April 2018

Whisper It: Could Scotland Live Without Stephen Daisley?

A rare photo of Daisley whose vast bulk makes him almost

From out Daisley correspondent.

Fed up with Daisley? Frustrated with a corporate hack who ponces around the internet like a real journalist? Had your fill of mediocre articles, unionist whining and endless bitching about the SNP?

Many Independence supporters think Scotland would be better off without Daisley, controversially claiming his job could easily be done by a monkey with a typewriter. And not a very bright monkey at that.

Not surprisingly Daisley and his Tory mates are quick to rubbish the suggestion, but would it really be such a bad thing?

A slimline baby Daisley showed so much
promise but couldn't stop eating.
Born in 1985, Daisley showed much promise and was the apple of his family's eye. Thirty three years on Daisley stands as a half fulfilment of a promise. He was meant to remedy the 'journalistic deficit'  whereby most Scots wanted to read positive stories about their country but were lumbered with a constant stream of Too Poor, Too Wee, Too Stupid propaganda. 

But despite all his opportunities Daisley remains a third rate hack pursuing his own anti SNP agenda and whining about victimisation when he victimises his own country on a daily basis. Despite Scots voting overwhelmingly for devolution and the obvious successes of the SNP Scottish Government, tory boy Daisley dreams of abolishing it to satisfy his unionist wet dream.

Scotland doesn't need Daisley. It's about time he started listening to what the majority of Scots want instead of filling unionist papers with his garbage.

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